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Lesotho National Olympic Committee


The Federation of Lesotho Rugby (FLR) is the sole administrative body of rugby in Lesotho. It is an institutionalised Union recognised by government and affiliated with the Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission and Lesotho National Olympic Committee.



Machabeng College was the first school in Lesotho to have a dually shared rugby soccer ground in the 1990s. This portrays it as the first school to embrace rugby in Lesotho. In 2008, the National University of Lesotho established a rugby club called NUL Spears. This was the only team existing hence only participated at intervarsity games held between Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland. The was no domestic competitors to play against hence, the result was a sluggish, decline and non-development of rugby


Background to the growth of Rugby and establishment of the Federation of Lesotho Rugby

Today Rugby in Lesotho has been consolidated and cemented in all sporting structures. It is a living and active sport that shows athleticism strength and healthy lifestyle. In February 2011 Maseru Kings Rugby Club was formed. As the only rugby in Lesotho they opted to forge relation with the Griffons Rugby Union in the Eastern Free State to play competitive rugby. In February 2012 they joined and played in the Eastern Free State League.

As experience grew from the South African league, volunteers were elected from Maseru Kings to setup an administrative body which will govern and develop in Lesotho. The jubilant committee comprised of Dan Aylward(President), Fetang Selialia(Vice President), Litsitso Motseremeli(Secretary General) and Khotso Monyako(Tresurer). Since then they have achieved tremendous milestone to develop what today is called the Federation of Lesotho Rugby (FLR).

Committee Achievements

Development of FLR Constitution and Registration at Law Office

Affiliation with Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission

Affiliation with Lesotho National Olympic Committee

Establishment of six rugby teams

Development of rugby to over 22 primary schools and 6 high schools

CAR and IRB Recognition- affiliation on application

Created relations with many world countries and Cemented relations with Botswana Rugby Union, Swaziland Rugby Union and Griffons Rugby Union

Provision of Rugby IRB Coaching and Refereeing courses

Development of FLR website

Securing Rugby Office at LSRC

Rugby publicity and growing rugby spirit to all corners of Lesotho

Formation of the National Rugby Team known as Likatola/Stallions

Securing Sponsorships from-

·  Current-  Econet Telecom Lesotho, Maluti Mountain Brewary (Castle lager), Lighthouse Communications, Designature, Mr Tsele Chakela and Lehakoe Sports and Recreation Center

·  Once off 2012- Thaba Bosiu Risk Solutions, Machache Meat Market, Maseru Cash and Carry